YelloRoller FLEXI


  • $157.99

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"There is no end to improvement...!“ that´s a KAIZEN-command, we figured out first. Even if something seems perfect, there IS something to improve. Seen in our favourite Application-Rollers. We were able to improve the rolls, we've added another set of Shore plus we made two additional Roll-sizes. That´s what makes this "Fleet“ for you unbeatable. The High-performance Rollers spare your tendons and muscles with a simple turn on the Handle. If you still like to roll "the old-fashioned“ way or in the "Muscle-protect“-Mode is totally up to you: Just turn the Handle!!
High-Ergonomic, adjustable Handle position
Ball-bearing mounted High-Performance Rolls
Heavy-Duty workmanship
CNC-milled Aluminum-Bloc-Joints
Optimized rolling-characteristics
Premium Grip coating
High durable Craftsmen-Quality

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