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  • $336.99

No more installation of dimensional letters with silicone! 

Click on the drop menu "Quantity and Colour" to save 10% when you buy 250 pieces and 15% for 500 pieces. 

ATTENTION: Please read a description of the product below the videos.



This stand-off has two parts - one is installed on the wall, and another is glued on the back of the letter. Just push the letter in till you hear a click.

Size: Diameter 3/4"  H 1-3/16"

They are designed for letters to +/- 24" and max 4.2 lb per letter.

EASY Fix is UV resistant and can be painted to match the color of the wall.

IMPORTANT: Interior use only

NOTE: Use Weldon or similar glues to glue pins on acrylic and plastic substrates. For wood, ACP, and aluminum use two-component epoxy glue.  Use pan-head screws for installation. 

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend always sanding the surface and making it free of grease when gluing. Incorrect processing can result in a failing result. All adhesives undergo an aging process.

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