YelloKNOX Mag

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Holding bracket for car wrapping heat guns



In order to make work as easy and time-saving as possible for users of similar products by other manufacturers, we have developed a universal heat gun holder.

With YelloKNOX, every heat gun is as safely stored as the gold reserves of Fort Knox: This holder reliably prevents the heat gun from wobbling around or falling out. 
The vents dissipate heat to prevent a build-up inside the holder.

For use on non-magnetic body parts such as carbon bonnets or glass panes, we recommend our GeckoPatch Power: These special adhesive pads allow you to create a spot on any smooth surface to attach the YelloKNOX Mag and other magnetic tools such as our WrapSticks and TonnyMag Basic magnetic squeegees  ;-)

Product Features

  • universal heat gun holder
  • magnet version YelloKNOX Mag for temporary attachment
  • no heat build-up
  • weight: 0.5 kg
  • material: laser-cut stainless steel

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