WallRack EasyReach


  • $494.99


The combination between the ingenious EasyReach concept and the inexpensive WallRack system was now more than close. So if you don't want to forego the convenience of easy snap storage with your wall film storage system, you can now put together your individual WallRack EasyReach shelf.


The only important thing here is that you choose the right distance between the side parts before wall mounting and off you go! You can also expand this system with the so-called TreeMaxx Multi-Plug. So you can also put rolls of different lengths on the same shelf. There is nothing like a modular system!

Available in 2 sizes:

  • L = 50" tall (6 rolls)
  • XL = 81" tall (10 rolls)

 Load capacity up to 440 or 650 lbs.

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