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SMT Case, the ultimate tool portfolio for Signmakers.

The key to the solution was in the details: Take every small tool we use, and then make a secure and convenient case to store them in. And just as well important is to make the case compact, durable and lightweight ... plus cool- looking just for good measure. We think you‘ll agree, SMT Case is all that. And it is loaded with tools! (just below). 

Note: the squeegees and WrapStick mini squeegee variations (colour) may vary on availability and can be replaced.

Tools included:

    • YelloCase (11" x 7.5" x 2.5")
    • SasseCut PRO
    • BodyGuardKnife TEFLON
    • WrapStick BETTY Green
    • WrapStick FLEX Gold
    • WrapStick SLOAN Teflon
    • YelloCut MASTER 
    • YelloCut SLIM
    • TitanBlades 9mm 30° x 1
    • BlackBlades 30 degrees x1
    • RubberLift
    • YelloMini "Hang-Loose"
    • TonnyMag Green - soft, 4" magnetic squeegee
    • ProWrap DUO blue 6"
    • ProWrap DUO green 6"
    • ProWrap Blue 4"
    • YelloBlade (vinyl scraper) 
    • SignTweezer 
    • YelloPen air release tool

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