APE T-Buffer | different variants

APE T-Buffer | different variants


  • $10.99

New squeegee coating (buffer) glides over the surface like no other.

The revolution in paint protection film application (PPF) also comes from professional wrapping agent Rainer Lorz. This new squeegee coating (buffer) glides over the surface like no other. The multi-layer, extremely resistant HiTec material turns your "normal" squeegee into a completely new PPF tool.

Thanks to the extremely slippery surface, the film is not "shifted" when squeegeeing. So you can simply squeegee away the creases that occur when the adhesive is pushed out. The flexible buffer contains an extra-thick foam backing in the adhesive layer. In this way, it adapts itself optimally to the surface.

Deep beads are simply laid with a squeegee and a little practice. The robust surface is extremely durable. So you can enjoy this tool for a long time. The new APE T-Buffer is not only ideal for bonding stone chip protection films or tinted films - but it is also used in all areas of application of self-adhesive films, for example in the full film, film plots, or shop window lettering.

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