AllStar Pink

AllStar Pink


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This “all-round talent” was demanded by many users for whom the “normal” squeegee simply did not lie deep enough in the palm of the hand and so surface adhesion often resulted in cramps and joint pain. The extra-wide flank of the pink squeegee prevents this and enables fatigue-free work, since the rear edge can really be placed in the hand and the holding pressure no longer only has to come from the fingertips.

The so-called "30 ° flank" of the squeegee is also new and special. With this special radius, you can achieve wrinkle-free gluing even with a large material feed. Edges can be worked in perfectly by "rolling" the edge. This pink squeegee is therefore  not only popular with full-surface adhesives, but also perfectly suited for many car wrap applications. It goes without saying that the AllStar is equipped with the center finder and is available in all shores, since, like most squeegees, we manufacture it in-house.

Pink series:

  • Teflon refined high-performance plastic with ingenious sliding properties
  • Medium soft (72 Shore D)

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