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Two customers - two problems - One Solution: The Black Mamba!

Thanks to Frank
Wagner and Thomas Trittelvitz!  They had two different problems, that we could offer special tooling solutions for them individually. One problem was "sticking hinge," for the large digital prints or plotter cut vinyl on transporters such as sprinters, vans, and trailers! Both of them are sign makers just like you!
"Take your Speedmag's, they are so great already, but with large graphics, I need to align the graphic but need too many magnets and takes too long," said one of your colleagues!
He asked for a "magnetic chain", for one it will hold super strong, and secondly, it has a straight edge, which allows the "hinge" technique to work perfectly. The other challenge was a "flexible cutting ruler" with radii of all kinds! They wanted perfect "on-off control" of the tool to move wherever they needed it quickly, easily, and securely.  During the development of one product, the benefit of the other was realized in the same tool!

2-in-1 is simply brilliant!
Our "Black Mamba" is both a flexible magnet "chain" for the "hinge" technique and a super-flexible "free-hand-Radius ruler"!
Of course, the material is made of flexible plastic and therefore prone to slices and cuts from sharp blades! For all those who are not quite sure when guiding the blade, we have therefore designed a special knife that guides the blade along the ruler without cutting into the ruler material so only the film gets cut and not the ruler.

Of course, we supervise the production of the material used in our products, in particular with regard to carcinogenic substances and hazardous plasticizers in plastic blends!
Just like our SPEED MAG we use only the Black Mamba Magnets "Made in Germany" with a special rubber coating that prevents burning vehicles in the paint of your customers! As far as we know, we are the only providers that offer such a guarantee! Please note, especially for white vehicles when using rubberized magnets for your positioning magnets!

Here again, the specifics of the product include:

Super-flexible magnetic guide
Extremely high bond strength
Perfect "on-off control"
Available in four different lengths

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