CuttingMat CRYSTAL CLEAR 2m x 2.5m

CuttingMat CRYSTAL CLEAR 2m x 2.5m

Massive Impact Media Ltd.

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CuttingMatXXL - The largest XXL cutting mat in the industry!

Put an end to pieced together mini cutting plates! Forget annoying separating cuts! Adapt your individual cutting mat to your workplace and not the other way around!

The CuttingMat consists of a special plastic mixture that has been specially tailored to our requirements. The density of the plastic layer in the middle of the material is higher and progressively softens outwards. For you, this means high cutting comfort and long durability. This technique prevents "prying out" of small particles from intersections of your knife lines (self-healing process), the result is a straight cut without annoying "zigzag paths".

The special mixture guarantees absolute flatness from day one. The plastic is absolutely clear and still resistant to light reflection. This makes it ideal for light tables. Graphics, drawings or templates can thus be positioned directly on the workplace, protected but always visible.