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Circle cutter for sign makers who know what is important

No more “tinkering” to “just” cut a small circle. Quickly mask a rivet or replace a lost “i-Punkt”? No problem: With the EasyOrbit circle cutter from Yellotools, circles can be cut out very easily - from any plotter foil.

Yellotools has the best advertising technology tools! :)

Circle section - quickly and precisely from any plotter vinyl

Our circle cutter enables you to cut out circles with a diameter of 10mm up to a full 150mm. Most of the circles in advertising technology are thus certainly covered. Incidentally, two razor-sharp replacement blades are also included.

So you are well prepared for the film cutting! :)

  • Circle cutter with practical center needle
  • For diameters 10mm (0.4") - 150mm (6")
  • Cut circles out of each plotter vinyl

However, if you are looking for a circle cutter without a center needle, you should take a look at our EasyOrbit Rondo, or the further development for diameters from 5mm (0.2") - 150mm (6") SensorCut Orbit. For larger circular sections, we have ready for you, and when it comes to the parking sensors when car wrapping, our practical SensorCut Flexi cutting template will certainly do you a good service.

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