Hole 'n' Cut ECO

Hole 'n' Cut ECO

Massive Impact Media Ltd.

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Hole 'n' Cut ECO - the super template with the 2-in-1 function.

  • Function 1: Simply place the drill template with the rear bolts on a shielded corner and mark through the corresponding hole. Very easy and fast. 
  • Function 2: With the upper stainless steel template in conjunction with the bolts on the back, edge cuts can be made in 7 different distances. 

One of our best-selling products, the "Bore Hole Finder" and Edge Cutter Hole n 'Cut gets by popular request a "transparent sister" made of cast acrylic glass. Although the material is, of course, thicker than the stainless steel version and is compared to the metal version only limited to shear cutting, it offers the helpful for some applications transparency to the sign material. Decide for yourself which is the right one for you ... or just stop directly as a "set" :)