LongReach DuoMag PRO


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Cutting a 54" wide film can be really adventurous - most arms are just half as long. For everything, there are extensions - not only for cut knives. This gap had to be closed! We proudly present our "LongReach" knife set! The "Push" (Pushing Cut) and "Pull" (Pulling Cut) versions feature our ingenious BodyGuardKnife heads. This not only ensures safe cuts through the film, but also the pure liner cut - ingenious for laminating large media ...! 
The knives are available in lengths of 24" and 36" - but since we also manufacture this article ourselves, special lengths are no problem ...!
Our "beta testers" confirmed: "Once you've worked with these knives, SEE MORE applications - so much fun working with this completely new way of cutting !!!!" Thank you so much for your suggestions and suggestions! Like on the VISCOM. Some of you could not decide between the previously offered Push OR Pull version!

Et voilá - and the answer is already here: The ingenious "arm extension" is now also available as a 2-in-1 version! Push and pull in one tool! And that, after only one day! Good if you have your own production, right? :) Göran Johansson - the inventor of the ingenious ROLLSROLLER flatbed applicator met us at a fair and asked for a special version of our LongReach "Push" with strong holding magnets. It should be easy and safe to use and long enough to reach over the work surfaces.