Media Meter Star


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As they invented the wheel, they didn‘t realized, how it may changed their lives dramatically. Same with our MediaMeter. The function is really simple: Just plug the unit in a core of a vinyl roll and read on the scale how much vinyl is still left on the roll. It‘s really that easy. The best part of our improved MediaMeter Star is, that you now can easily put together your individual scale-set online. The single "wings“ are interchangeable. Just unscrew the upper lid and change or complete your individuell MediaMeter as often as you want :)

Please tell us only what you would like to have and  what you always have measure (8 types). Either you measure the total thickness of the media's ( vinyl including the backing paper) with a caliper or you send us a small sample ( the dimension business card is ok!). We create your customized mediameter without any extra charge. Please do not forget to write the name and the manufacturer of each media on the back of the sample

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