Speed Clip L


  • $140.99

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The tape is wasteful, hard to remove, and lifts vinyl edges.  SpeedClips are the best and best-selling alternative!

Our Idea - our Innovation - our "Baby“: SPEEDCLIP!
Sorry, but this has to be said now! A MILLION Clips left our machines since the birth of this amazing little Helper. The majority of you already know the genius Signmaking-Gadget! Reason enough to talk about quality today! Meanwhile, we get copied a lot - that´s why we appeal urgently: Please check EVERY Clip closer. The genuine Yellotools-SpeedClips are all made in Germany - you can verify it with our Logo in the Handle. We NEVER use a cancer-causing extra plasticizer. Just do the "Bow-Test“ and also you will be a "true-believer“...!

SpeedClip XXL is our new larger version, for our SpeedClip customers
who want to maintain proper storage of full 64 feet rolls and thick calendered vinyl. Now there’s a SpeedClip for every roll in your shop

  • SpeedClip L 78mm (3.0")
  • SpeedClip XL. 111 mm (4.4")



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