TreeMAXX EasyReach PRO


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Storing and cutting rolls of film to length - easier than ever!



Heavy film media rolls are not easy to move - especially when you are alone.

We have developed the TreeMAXX EasyReach PRO so that vinyl film rolls can be removed and stored by just one person. The special feature of this mobile storage shelf is the lifting mechanism for unhooking and rehooking the films: The roll core rests on a sturdy mandrel on the left side, while a movable retaining peg on the right side makes it easy to remove and reinsert the roll media. Simply grab the center of the film roll, lift it a little and remove it. To stow, first, place the roll on the left side mandrel and then on the holding peg on the right side. It really is as easy as it looks :)

More than just a shelf: mobility, easy handling, expandable features

In addition to the ingenious folding mechanism, Treemaxx EasyReach Pro offers an unrolling vinyl device with a cutting bar and length counter. This means that roll media can not only be unrolled very easily but can also be cut to length with precision at a perfect 90° angle using the CutCoaster cutting mouse.

Up to 12 rolls with widths from 100 to 152 cm can be stored in the Treemaxx EasyReach Pro - we offer four different sizes for rolls with window film, plotter film, or car wrapping film.

And thanks to the sturdy rollers on the bottom, the whole shelf can be moved around at will - so the film rolls are always ready to use near the cutting plotter or printer and can easily be moved to a free spot where they won't get in the way.

Configure your Treemaxx EasyReach Pro according to your individual needs - our customer service will be happy to help you with the selection of additional features :-)

Product features

  • Holds up to 12x60" rolls
  • Unrolling vinyl device with cutting bar included
  • Cutting mouse included
  • Inch counter included
  • Stable stand
  • Moveable
  • Max. load capacity 400 kg (880 lb)
  • Made in Germany
  • NOTE. This is custom order only. Please email us to place your order. Allow 4 to 7 weeks delivery. Colour - untreated wood.


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