V-Bracket EasyReach


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Time and time again it is nothing but fun to watch Signmakers at our tradeshow-booth try the "EasyReach“-Technology the first time. With shining child's eyes, they call: "...how cool and easy is this!!!“
This excitement factor, we build in „off-the-shelf“ for free also in our VERTIGO-System. "EasyReach“ allows the dead easy hook and unhook of even heavy and long Media-Rolls - now also easy height-adjustable. Dear Competitors - the air is getting thin - this one is probably not to top! Surprise us!!!

Available as:

  • V-Bracket " EasyReach" Fix  (1 pcs.)
  • V-Bracket " EasyReach" Move (1 pcs.)
  • V-Bracket " EasyReach" Set (2 pcs.)

Delivery time - 2-3 weeks

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