Wrap-U-Ezee Click L

Wrap-U-Ezee Click L

Massive Impact Media Ltd.

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Wrap car parts quickly and easily!

It all started with the question of how to wrap a disassembled door handle, mirror housing, or GPS antenna without stressing the film in the wrong places. What is already possible with the Wrap-U-Ezee for attached exterior mirrors - the application of the film with optimal distribution of the tensional forces - should also work for the aforementioned small parts...

But why don't we just turn this ingenious method upside down? Instead of pulling the wrapping aid with the pre-tensioned film over the component, the component can also be dipped into the film, can't it?

Yes, this is possible ;-) With the  Wrap-U-Ezee Slide-In, we turn car wrapping inside out: The film holder with the pre-tensioned film is pushed horizontally into its attachment, then the component can be dipped into the film and be finalized.

The  Wrap-U-Ezee Slide-In can be used as part of the YelloPEG system or "solo" when an optional bench mount or single wall mount is used. The practical wrapping aid is available in three sizes (S / M / L).

Product features

  • wrapping frame for vehicle attachments
  • three size variants
  • material: wood

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