WrapBar PRO


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In order to "preload“  CarWrap film on any vehicle part you need a free hand to generate tension and to change the pull direction to prevent waves or folds on the graphic. However, too firm a grip can cause wrinkles and waves. To help to prevent this, we have offered our WrapBar series for years and it has now been upgraded based on your suggestions. Many of you have expressed that a hand sized WrapBar offers the best power and likewise, a central handle is essential to counteract wrinkles. We have heard your demands and we have answered! Introducing our new WrapBar PRO in lengths of 15 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm and 50 cm (incl. magnet holder) and as a replacement for the old lengths now also in 100 cm and 150 cm. The 150 cm version is different than the shorter sizes as it has three handles instead of just one. So you can either continue to hold the preload alone or even the wider one or use them both!

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