WrapStick  SET

WrapStick SET


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Our WrapStick Set is living proof that we take what our customers say to heart and that we have a true passion for creating tools that make your life easier. We constantly receive ideas and feedback in regards to so many various tools and from meeting installers like yourself worldwide at various trade shows. The best of the best share a common truth that is a desire to make our industry better by sharing their proven techniques that they have developed from years and years of trial and error.

Combined with feedback and demo tool testing from professionals all across the globe we have culminated all this information and infused it with our Yellotools innovative spirit and are proud to present a toolset that brings it all together just for you! Why make this kind of effort? Because our slogan "We Love what you Hate" are not just words to us. We live and breath this mentality and we are fueled by the countless appreciation our customers give us and knowing that we help make your job easier so that we can continue to say with pride that "Signmaking is the Best Job in the World!"Our WrapSticks are manufactured 100% in our facility in beautiful Windeck Germany using high-quality plastics! Made in Germany means no cutting corners so you get the best quality tools! Now you no longer have to piece together a set of various suppliers or manipulate tools not designed for our industry or your safety in mind, we offer a complete set for your convenience.

This set includes all of our WrapSticks that represent various techniques that installers worldwide have tried and tested and found to be successful. The handle length was made for ease of installation and movement in the application and each WrapStick has an internal magnet which makes for ease in storage during an application by parking it on a car fender or hood and it comes with a cool wooden mounting board to place on your wall, workstation, toolkit etc. 

NOTE - a final invoice will be displayed in Canadian dollars.

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