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The eternal search for your car wrapping tools has finally come to an end!

Do you also have to find your tools for professional vehicle wrapping before each car wrapping job, pack several bags, and then put the tools back in often undefined places?

This has come to an end with our WrapTower - probably the most flexible tool trolley in the world :)

Whether vehicle wrapping or advertising technology - there is something for everyone here!

Imagine your tool tower individually together by moving your need according to tools the various tool modules, adapted to your requests and preferences selecting.

Whether it's a garbage bag holder, tool storage, magnetic plates, smartphone holder, cleaning cloth dispenser - every single module can be adjusted in height in seconds, so that your back always stays straight and you don't have to search for your car wrapping tools.

But the WrapTower is not only used for foiling vehicles! He also creates order in the workplace in your advertising technology workshop. Thanks to the rollable base plate, you can even take your “favorite place” with you to any place in your workshop.

In the dropdown menu below the article picture you will find the following selectable components:

  •    WrapTower Base
  •     WrapTower 80" main pole
  •    WrapTower Twister
  •    WrapTower LaserTray
  •    WrapTower MagPlate
  •    WrapTower MediaArm
  •    WrapTower Note
  •    WrapTower ToolBox
  •    WrapTower TrashBracket
  •    WrapTower GladiBelt
  •    WrapTower StopFix
  •    WrapTower LaserLion Bracket single 
  •    WrapTower LaserLion Bracket double

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