YelloBlade 360


  • $6.99

From now on there is the 'Vinyl scraper' in round form!!



Our super-popular vinyl removing tool, YelloBlade, is a must-have for all sign-makers. It is the perfect solution for lifting edges of vinyl and removal of stickers, labels, or logos. Chris Defeo suggested offering our film remover "YelloBlade" in the future also completely round. No sooner said than done, from now on you will get the YelloBlade 360 in round shape. He sees the advantage in the fact that a round blade slides more easily under the film during removal, thus facilitating the start of the film removal and subsequent removal. 


  • Easier lifting to remove films without scratching substrate
  • Varied edges for faster graphic removal
  • Made In Germany, by Yellotools

Handle sold separately

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