YelloCut PRO

YelloCut PRO


  • $19.99

Metal cutter knife for the highest demands

The YelloCut M Pro has a balanced weight ratio and is ideal for fine-separating cuts on films that have already been glued to sensitive surfaces and car paintwork. The torsion-resistant die-cast knife has a riveted shaft and a practical auto-lock function. It withstands a contact pressure of up to 10 kg and is ideally suited for our 30° replacement blades.

Product Features

  • Length: approx. 14.5mm
  • Torsion-resistant die-cast body
  • Practical auto-lock function
  • Ideal for fine-separating cuts
  • Up to 10 kg contact pressure
  • Perfect for 9 mm / 30° blades
  • NOTE - price per single knife

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