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Outgas, dry freshly printed films quickly and space-savingly!

"Just hang out like a monkey"... I guess that's what we all want :)

For your fresh prints, this can finally become reality. The easy-to-mount wooden brackets contain an "indestructible" ball bearing that quickly and safely holds your freshly printed films ready for drying, outgassing, or simply for "parking" in a space-saving manner. YelloMonkey is available for either 6 or 12 prints. The possible vinyl width depends on how far apart you mount the two brackets on the wall. Simply insert the print or plottered vinyl into the corresponding slot and release. To remove, simply slide the end to the right or left and the assembly can begin.

Two different versions:

  •  YelloMonkey 6   (for 6 prints)
  •  YelloMonkey 12 (for 12 prints)

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