APE FoamPotion 10 ltr. (2.65 gal)

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The 10-liter canister is the perfect choice for regular use: Compared to buying 10 bottles of 1 liter you save more than 15%

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As an alternative to conventional bonding liquids, we offer the APE FoamPotion, a special foam for the installation of paint protection films (PPF =  Paint Protection Film).

The advantages of the APE FoamPotion :

  • "stands" longer than any normal liquid
  • creates a "distance" between the film and the substrate
  • makes it visible where squeegeeing has already taken place
  • enables rapid adhesion after squeegeeing
  • contains no alcohol and is therefore not aggressive toward the glue
  • can be easily washed out

10 liter of FoamPotion results in approx. 200 liters of bonding foam. The practical dosing aid in the 1-liter bottle saves you from fiddling with measuring cups: simply open the second lid in the dosing bottle and gently press in the bottle until the small additional container (50 ml) has filled. Add this amount to 1 liter of distilled water and the  FoamPotion is ready for the next application. The dosage of 50 ml is our general recommendation - try out different mixing ratios and see what works best for you!

With the dosing pump for the canister, the mixing ratio can be determined exactly - so it's best to order it directly ;-)

product features

  • Adhesive foam for paint protection films
  • 1-liter bottle with integrated dosing aid
    10-liter canister for use with dosing pumpsold separately )
  • high yield: 1 liter of APE FoamPotion results in 20 liters of bonding foam
  • fully biodegradable
  • skin-friendly
  • clinically tested
  • PH-level neutral

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