AppFIX masking tape/vinyl dispenser


  • $276.99

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Wrinkle-free pre-masking with application tape up to 55" wide is easy and flawless with AppFIX, the premask dispenser we designed from extensive customer feedback. Made with a simple one-person operation in mind, it not only makes error-free pre-masking elegantly simple, but it also increases efficiency. 

Therefore you can produce more, in less time while eliminating wrinkles and stresses that affect the quality of your vinyl application.
For an efficient sign-making workflow, you need to get it right from the beginning to the end. With 55AppFix you will! Because error-free vinyl application begins with great vinyl and digital pre-masking.

  • Ball-bearing mounted rollers for ultra-smooth delivery
  • Includes fastening brackets
  • Designed for easy one-person operation
  • Fixing-brake can be adjusted manually




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