Cutting Mat FROST XXL (per linear foot)


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NEW! You are looking for a cutting pad that reflects minimum light? No problem!

Preorder only. Max size - 87" x 60' in one piece. Please email for a quote and shipping info.

Price per linear foot.


The new Cutting Mats XXL Frosted offers you an anti-light reflex surface that "swallows" your hall lighting! No annoying blinded anymore. The mat offers you a lower surface adhesion, which makes it much easier to remove annoying adhesive residues.

Self-sealing cutting mat: Made in Germany!

No more pieced-together mini cutting pads. Annoying cuts are now a thing of the past. At Yellotools, you can customize your cutting mat to suit your workplace. The Yellotools original is available in 6 different widths and up to 60'  in length. Just choose the width you need: 39.3", 51.2", 59.1", 66.9", 78.75" or even 86.7".

Cutting mat XXL without pollutants

Our frosted Cutting Mat Frosted consists of a special plastic compound that has been assembled according to our specifications. Here you will find no pollutants that endanger your health.

Professional cutting mat in top quality

In the middle of our self-healing cutting mat, the density of the material is higher. Outwardly, it is progressively lower. Thus, a levering of small particles from intersections of your knife lines is prevented and achieved a self-healing effect of Schneidematte. But there are other benefits for you.

Matted surface and usable on both sides

Due to the special material composition, an extremely high cutting comfort and extremely long durability are achieved. Of course, you can use the cutting pad from both sides, so doubling the life is quite simple.

XXL cutting pad for the advertising technology

Of course, our CuttingMat Frosted has not been developed just for the advertising industry. The applications are limitless. For example, you can use it as a crafting pad, cutting pad, or sewing, just to name a few.

Advantages of our CuttingMat Frost XXL:

• Self-sealing surface
• Anti-light reflex
• Lower surface adhesion (easier removal of adhesive residue)
• Matt surface
• Width:

39.3", 51.2", 59.1", 66.9", 78.75" or even 86.7".
• Length: From 3' to 60'
 1/4" material thickness
• Highest cutting comfort
• Absolute flatness
• Double life by both-sided use
• Cut to length on request (Tolerance in length and width +/- 2%)