ProWrap 360

Massive Impact Media Ltd.

  • $39.99

The special squeegee by and for signmakers and car wrappers


When it comes to squeegees for sign making / full vehicle wrapping, no old life wisdom is valid. Neither "never change a running system" nor "standstill is death" are mutually applicable.


This makes it all the more worth taking a closer look at new developments to see what the developers were thinking. Our dear customer Michel Wülpern of Folientechnik Rotenburg asked us to realize his "dream squeegee". The arguments for this innovative new application tool convinced us, and from now on, we will enrich the world of self-adhesive products with this smart fellow :)

These are the reasons that convinced us:
1. In addition to the "standard", 4" long application blades which ensure the usual way of working, special features are the perfect haptics of the handy shape and the different side parts. Thanks to a new injection method, this squeegee is completely usable all around - hence the name 360!
2. The left side allows not only a permanent 30° work angle to the film as with our popular ProWrap Betty squeegee - due to the flattening of the squeegee lip, it is now also possible to transfer the entire squeegee surface with uniform contact pressure to the entire contour. This feature allows the film to be applied deeply behind sealing rubbers or headlight housings.
3. The right side is rounded at the top and bottom to the application blade flank to guarantee a smooth transition during the spreading motion and no damage to the surface (film or object).
4. The rounded and flattened tip of the right side allows, on one hand, the lifting of rubber seals before or during the application and is perfect for applying films in joints and beads longitudinally in one movement. Here, too, the 30° angle ensures crease-free results. 
The rounded overall shape also prevents annoying puncturing and scratching of the tool in your trouser pockets. It comes with the typical Yellotools grip surfaces (5) and features the practical center finder (6) for quick positioning of the squeegee in the palm of your hand.


The ProWrap 360 is available in three different degrees of hardness (shores):

  • Green (40 Shore D): very soft and flexible; for curved, round parts such as fenders, mirror caps, helmets, etc.

  • Gold (72 Shore D): medium-soft; the classic option for all sign making applications

  • Teflon (89 Shore D): very hard, refined with Teflon technology; high gliding properties; for use on seals and window frames (cutting and squeegeeing)

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