ProWrap - Pink


  • $13.99



  • Teflon refined for higher performance,
  • with a special, smooth-sliding quality.
  • Medium-soft (72 Shore).

Our multi-talent.

You designed it – we made it!
NEW squeegee designs by sign-makers for sign-makers!

Looking for the answer to “What’s the best sign-makers’ squeegee?” That’s what we wanted to know, too. So we had a competition ...
 “Germany’s Best Sign Squeegee.”  And the winner is ... (drum roll).. there is no winner! (audience sighs) What we learned from talking to the top sign and car-wrap installing pros is that “the best squeegee” is as individual as “the best hairstyle.” What matters is, what works for you. And that’s as individual as you are. Your vinyl. Your applied pressure.Your technique. You. That’s why we offer so many squeegees in so many hardnesses. That way we can offer you, your best squeegee.

Shore:  72° (flexible)

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