SignTool Box


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Which is the most ideal way to carry around our tools? Searching for the right tool bag, we found many home- improvement market products, but we didn't find anything special for the sign-makers needs. Everything that a sign-maker needs will be placed in special sewn pockets.

Now there is room for anything: Squeegee, a pump sprayer, hot-air-dryer, cleaner, knives, tweezers, needle, weeder, cell phone, PDA, etc. We liked the idea of an open bag, as this was the most practical solution over the years. But there always were requests for an optional cover which we now added to the new design.

And because of the big success, we were able to add a couple of new great features like a new design, a metal plate to attach our magnets, a steel clip for our measuring tape, a detachable cover with a slot to carry, and also a shoulder strap and offer you this great bag at the same great low price!

Great features:

  • L: 17 inches x B: 10 inches x H: 10 inches
  • Extremely durable material
  • Delivery includes a detachable cover with a slot to carry
  • NEW: Including shoulder strap
  • Built-in metal plate to attach magnets
  • Tightly mounted steel buckle for measuring tapes
Tools not included.

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