SmellGood ProWrap

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A special kind of scented bar - that has never been seen before




We designed a very special squeegee series together with the Wrap Institute founder Justin Pate :

For years, Justin has wanted a squeegee that doesn't just smell like plastic, but makes you want "more". His idea was to put good smells in a squeegee that would send you on a fragrance journey in the middle of everyday life and give you moments of smirk, peace, and quiet, to recharge your batteries, and to pause.

Unfortunately, it has so far not been possible for us to fulfill this wish without having to use toxic, harmful substances.

Our colleagues Sina and Oli have finally succeeded in finding a plastic mixture that, thanks to innovative technology, provides tree and plant fibers with long-lasting fragrances so that they can be processed into our squeegees in BPA-free and phthalate-free plastics.

The result is just MEGA! We are now offering you these little scented moments in the form of your favorite squeegee:

Raise the curtain for the " SmellGood ProWrap " - the first scented wiper for signmakers and vehicle wrappers :)

Are you stressed, the work is monotonous and it will be later again? Then pulls a nose Peppermint!
Do you need a little flashback to the 80s? No problem with the unmistakable scent of BubbleGum!
Or maybe something sweet? Nothing brings the stress level down like a caramel cupcake 😊
And for caffeine lovers there is the coffee scent.

Try it out - if you experience moments of well-being similar to those of our YELLOs when testing, then we have achieved our goal: to lighten your mood at work by taking a short trip to your own fragrance oasis and your senses wandering Let - take a deep breath, enjoy and then get back to work 😉

Since the basic material is a new, complex recipe, there are unfortunately still restrictions on the degree of hardness of the end product. The available squeegees have a shore of 63. This corresponds roughly to the hardness of the golden ProWrap squeegees.

Everything new has its price - since the new, pollutant-free plastic mixture was specially developed for us, the " SmellGood ProWrap " is a little more expensive when it goes on sale compared to its conventional siblings. But we hope that the unique Smell Good feature justifies the price and gives you many relaxing fragrance experiences 😊

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