• $56.99


The TimberMaxx series is designed for window lettering and large-format applications on all smooth surfaces. Its durable laminated body enables this oversized wooden squeegee to provide excellent torsional rigidity at a very low net weight.

Eleven different sizes are available: Choose a fitting one for applying lettering and film designs on doors, window surfaces, and facades. Our tip: The squeegee should be 4"  wider than the medium to create a perfect result ;-) 

In the latest edition of this popular XXL wood squeegee, we optimized the shape to feature a center handle regardless of the squeegee's size - this improves handling, and optimal pressure can be applied to the medium.

In combination with the TimberMaxx Floor Flexi adapter, the TimberMaxx can also be used to install floor graphics: All squeegee sizes from 20" to 65" are attached quickly and easily, making this XXL wooden squeegee an all-round tool for vinyl applicators!

Since TimberMaxx is a product made of natural materials, it may happen that sizes above 39" have slight curvatures! We, therefore, recommend storing TimberMaxx vertically hanging or lying on the wall. In addition, we advise using TimberMaxx from a size of 55" with two operators.

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