Wrap Dragon


  • $84.99

Let the kite fly: the new 4" squeegee for wrapping work on vehicles and signmaking

We proudly present the newest member of the squeegee family: the WrapDragon!

Get the Dragon COMBO and save $20

This foil dragon really has it all: The notches in the two short squeegee flanks mean that you can now handle foiling work in beads and built-in angles much better and can press the foil optimally.
In addition, the four outer flanks cushion the contact pressure of the corners in a completely different way than with conventionally shaped squeegees.

The WrapDragon has three R4 radii on the corners and a 90° edge. That was the wish of our beta testers, who particularly liked the tough incorporation of foils under strips and edges. It is even possible to cut into the foil with this corner intentionally.

A new manufacturing process makes the asymmetrical arrangement of the corners possible and allows the entire tool to be used without burrs.

As usual, the WrapDragon comes in the usual Yellotools colors and the corresponding degrees of hardness. Whether very soft or extremely hard, finished with Teflon or antistatic:  the  WrapDragon , like our other  plastic squeegees  and  WrapSticks , is  made from high-quality, non-carcinogenic plastics in our in-house  injection molding department -  so you can also "park" this new tool in your mouth without hesitation: ) 

We LOVE your craft...and we can always help you with the latest tool technologies to do this craft even better and more efficiently!

product features

  • Ergonomic plastic squeegee for wrap work
  • 3x R4 radius and 1x 90° edge 
  • Central indentation ( center finder ) for improved handling 
  • Seven different degrees of hardness ( Shore Durometer )

You can order the new WrapDragon  in these degrees of hardness:

  • Green  (40 Shore): very soft and pliable
  • Blue  (62 Shore): soft
  • Antistatic  (70 Shore): medium soft, antistatic
  • Gold  (72 Shore): medium soft
  • Pink  (72 Shore): medium soft
  • Orange  (82 Shore): rather hard
  • Teflon  (89 Shore): very hard, refined with Teflon technology
  • Peekaboo  (93 Shore): hard, trendy smoked glass look

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