Wrap-U-Ezee FLAT

Massive Impact Media Ltd.

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Wrapping aid for GPS antennas and door handles on the vehicle

When it comes to car wrapping, the problem is usually in the details: Door handles, shark fin antennas, and other free-standing parts often have to be removed in order to be able to completely wrap the vehicle. However, not all of these add-on parts can always be dismantled - what now?

There is already a problem solution for exterior mirrors in the form of our ingenious Wrap-U-Ezee: With this U-shaped vinyl aid, the mirror is wrapped in no time 😉

And now the Wrap-U-Ezee family is growing: With the help of the new Wrap-U-Ezee Flat, many add-on parts can now be wrapped directly on the vehicle without dismantling. The newly hatched Flat is narrower than its big brother and, thanks to its 8 mm thick, scratch-free material, also a lot more flexible. The pre-tensioned film is simply placed on top of the attachment, squeegeed, and finally cut to size.

Available in 2 sizes:

Wrap-U-Ezee S  - perfect for wrapping vehicle door handles
Wrap-U-Ezee M - perfect for wrapping vehicle shark fin antannes

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