WrapDragon SlipCut

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With the WrapDragon SlipCut, we expand our series of edge-cutting aids for all film applications. This combination of the WrapDragon plastic squeegee and the parallel slots of the MagicMaster for precise blade guidance is ideal for clean edge cuts.


The 90° edge of the WrapDragon makes it possible to align a horizontal or vertical cut precisely in the corner of a window frame and then perform it using the SlipCut method: The cutting aid is moved in parallel with the blade and guarantees a perfect cut at a constant distance from the inner window edge. The low-friction Teflon material of the WrapDragon SlipCut prevents skidding on all surfaces.

In addition to large-area applications with window, mirror, or decorative films, the WrapDragon SlipCut is also perfect for use with window tinting and car wrapping films, as well as with plotter and furniture covering films. 

Product Features

  • Plastic squeegee with integrated blade guidance
  • Blade guide also serves as a spacer
  • DDifferent cutting distances are possible
  • Teflon material with excellent gliding properties
  • 3x R4 radius and 1x 90° edge
  • Ergonomic shape 

Note: We recommend using 9 mm standard blades with 59°  blade angle to avoid damage to rubber seals.

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