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Versatile squeegee with ergonomic shape, designed by Rainer Lorz

Car wrapping expert and trainer Rainer Lorz made his wish come true and designed his dream squeegee, which he had been planning for a long time. He wanted a squeegee that one likes to hold in the pocket as well as in the hand and that is absolutely multi-functional. And so the collaboration of Yellotools and Rainer Lorz lead to the new "plectrum squeegee" Yel-Lo Plek ;-)

No matter if it's signmaking applications, vehicle window tinting, car wrapping or PPF applications: with the different shore hardnesses and two different cross-section profiles, the Yel-Lo Plek is perfectly usable as a mini-squeegee for applications on narrow or slightly curved areas of the car body, for deeper lying areas such as bumpers or for lifting rubber seals.

Thanks to its pleasant and ergonomic shape and the hole in the centre (Center Finder), these squeegee is turned automatically and quickly like a spinner to the desired application, e.g. to gradually press on film edges without damaging the material.

We are convinced that Rainer's extraordinary design will find many enthusiastic users in the car wrapping scene ;-)

Product features

  • Versatile squeegee
  • Ergonomic shape with Center Finder
  • Designed by Rainer Lorz
  • Four different Shore grades
  • Fitting polyester squeegee pads (sold separately)

The Yel-Lo Plek plastic squeegee is available in the following variants:   

  • Soft     (30 Shore D): very soft and flexible
  • Green (40 Shore D): soft and flexible
  • Gold    (72 Shore D): medium-soft, with Teflon refinement
  • Teflon (93 Shore D): very hard, made of pure Teflon

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