YelloStripe BigBuffer Microfine


  • $74.99

MicroFine BigBuffer wet&dry replacement strip 118"~ 30, 4" buffers

Our new MicroFine-material stands out due to its increased dense of surface structure. Different from our regular YelloWing Micro (with standard microfibre)  the surface structure is even more compact. Dust transportation is reduced.

Squeegee blade coatings or edge protectors are simply indispensable for many applications. Whether as scratch protection for the film surface or as sliding reinforcement, various fabric variants are used. The classic variant felt, is and remains popular all over the world. From now on you can determine your own length and are independent of which squeegee form is currently in use to get new protection. Simply cut the desired length - done :-)

In addition to the proven, thin coating variants "SlimSkin", which offer direct contact with the film, a padded variant "BigBuffer" is now also available. This padded version is particularly suitable for wet bonding ON the film surface.

Otherwise, the use of "SlimSkin" OR "BigBuffer", as with so many applications, should be selected according to your personal preference.

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