Buffer YelloStripe PinkLEO (Wet 'n' Dry)

Buffer YelloStripe PinkLEO (Wet 'n' Dry)


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Improved Micro fiber - Material ! 100% PES • pollutants • Tested 25,000 "rubs" • Alcantara - like

Many of you wanted something different ;-) So we got the idea to offer you our proven MicroFine fabric in a camouflage look. Suitable for dry and wet application.

Squeegee buffers or edge protectors are simply indispensable for many applications. Whether as a scratch protection film surface or as Gleitverstärkung different material variants are used. From now on you can determine your length yourself and you are independent of which squeegee shape is currently in use and should get new protection. Just cut the length you want - done :-)

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