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The idea for the 360 Racer is based on the experience of our long-time friend and customer, Florian Knirsch, who also offers furniture wrapping services with his company, Knirsch Beschriftungen. Florian recognized the potential for a rotating stand with which furniture parts such as drawer boxes, as well as smaller pieces of furniture like shelves and bedside tables, could be wrapped all around. So he had our team build him a prototype, which already significantly shortened the processing time. Step by step, we incorporated more ideas into the product development, and now we are excited to offer you an improved version of the 360 Racer! :-)

The base model of the 360 Racer comes with four wooden anti-slip pads covered with foam rubber. These pads run on metal rails and can be fixed at any distance from each other. This feature allows workpieces of various sizes to be placed on the turntable and rotated a full 360 degrees. The turntable also offers a locking device that fixes it at intervals of 22.5 degrees. Moreover, the 360 Racer can be turned upside down to process larger pieces of furniture or boards: The square base plate is also covered with anti-slip material and can serve as an additional turntable.

In addition to wrapping small pieces of furniture and furniture parts, the 360 Racer can be used to process sign blanks as well. For this purpose, we offer rubber suction cups in two different sizes, which can be attached to the metal rails instead of the anti-slip pads. The smaller SuctionCups are particularly suitable for softer sheet materials like Dibond and Forex, while the larger SuctionCups HD securely hold more rigid sheets of glass, wood, and metal on the rotating frame.

And for those who want to play it safe, the 360 Racer Complete Set is the perfect choice! ;-)

NOTE - station comes only with No-slip pads

Product Features

  • Rotatable application aid for furniture wrapping and sign making
  • Solid construction made of Multiplex wood and aluminum profiles
  • Adjustable anti-slip pads for workpieces of different sizes
  • Lockable - turntable
  • Can also be used upside down
  • Optional suction cups for glass, high-tension surface materials
  • Quality: Made in Germany
  • Weight: approx. 6 kg (13.2 lb)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 21.5" x 21.5" x  4.75" cm

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