APE FoamPotion


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Perfectly coordinated bonding aid for paint protection film (PPF) and other wet vinyl applications.

People often speak of so-called "revolutions" in new products or tools ... as if "the wheel" had been reinvented. Of course, you always decide whether this is exaggerated or not.

But using a specially manufactured "foam" for laying stone chip protection film is unparalleled! It is also a pH-neutral liquid that is not liquid.

The advantages are apparent:

  • The foam "stands" longer than any normal liquid
  • It creates a “distance” between the film/adhesive and the substrate
  • It shows where the instlation has already been done
  • Nevertheless, it enables rapid adhesion after doctoring
  • APE FoamPotion does not contain alcohol and therefore does NOT behave aggressively toward the adhesive
  • It can be washed out very easily
  • we recommend approx. 50ml (dosage aid) to 1 liter of water
  • For mixing, we recommend our pressure pump container with a special  EasyPump Foam head, the degree of foaming can be set at three different levels!
  •  1 liter fully biodegradable concentrate (results in approx. 20 liters of foam solution!)
  •  skin-friendly
  •  clinically tested
  •  PH-level neutral
  •  Strongly recommended diluting with distilled water only

We recommend our PPF squeegee APE DuoRed, APE DuoGreen, or one of our PPF Sandwich.


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