APE ApplePotion 10 ltr. (2.65 gal)

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Adhesive liquid for paint protection films

The 10-liter canister is the perfect choice for regular use: Compared to buying 10 bottles of 1 liter you save more than 15%

For an optimal installation of a paint protection film, an adhesive liquid should be used that does justice to the special properties of this film. The APE ApplePotion allows the film to slide perfectly on one hand and fix and adhere with a short press on the other. Even detaching the film after a short time is possible without any problems and makes any corrections and changes easy.

Due to the basic properties of the mixture, the adhesive of the stone chip protection film is not attacked and the film receives the desired, optimal gloss finish. The low cloud technology also prevents the adhesive from forming clouds or becoming milky through the transparent film. The APE ApplePotion is of course completely biodegradable, skin-friendly, clinically tested, and pH-neutral.

Simple dosing, high effectiveness, low consumption

We recommend freshly mixing the required amount of ApplePotion with distilled water before each new application. The bonding liquid is still perfectly workable even after a long period of storage and spreads its pleasant scent.

The practical dosing aid of the 1-liter bottle saves you from fiddling around with measuring cups: Simply open the second lid in the dosing bottle and gently press in the bottle until the small additional container (50 ml) has filled. Add this amount to one liter of distilled water and the ApplePotion is ready for the next application. The dosage of 50 ml is our general recommendation - just try out different mixing ratios and see what works best for you!

With the  dosing pump  for the canister, the mixing ratio can be determined exactly - so it's best to order it directly ;-)

Three jobs, one liquid: cleaning - bonding - subsequent cleaning

The vinyl wrap expert  Rainer Lorz also uses the ApplePotion for pre- and post-cleaning for all vinyl work due to its excellent properties. He recommends adding one dosing unit (50 ml) to 10 liters of water - this is how you get a fantastic surface cleaner!

product features

  • Adhesive liquid for paint protection films
  • 1-liter bottle with integrated dosing aid
    10-liter canister for use with dosing pump sold separately )
  • high yield: 1 liter  of APE ApplePotion results in 20 liters of bonding liquid
  • fully biodegradable
  • skin-friendly
  • clinically tested
  • PH-level neutral

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