• $37.99

The well-thought-out PPF squeegee (stone chip protection film squeegee) also delights the “tinters” :)

Rainer Lorz from FinestMedia wanted a " PPF squeegee " that has the size and shape of the popular and familiar ProWrap trapezoid squeegee. Done!

Due to the usual size, the squeegee lies perfectly in the hand and you feel comfortable with it. The two-layer structure gives stability and flexibility at the same time. Different edge grindings of 30, 45, and 90 degrees allow different pressure to be exerted. When tinting the glass, the liquid is optimally worked out of the film and the pressure can simply be increased by simply turning the squeegee.
The DuoGreen is the harder and the DuoRed is the softer version of this professional squeegee.

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