BlackBlades 9mm 30°


  • $17.99

Finally, they are here :-) Here comes our solution, if it depends on extra sharpness! 
We looked for you an adequate extremely sharp blade and sent it to Vinyl Masters on the whole planet :) The answers of the experts were quite clear: YES - they are really hot :-)

They combine a perfect combination of features that make your everyday life easier: A clever combination of special blade steel and an optimized grinding geometry results in a precise cutting tool that has been deliberately designed for extra sharpness - for your benefit, for your success.


  • extra sharpness due to special polished section
  • Material: carbon steel
  • Cutting geometry: single-edged, with double facet cut on both sides, 6 break-off segments
  • in the practical 10er security dispenser
  • suitable for: YelloCut Slim, YelloCut Master

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