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With the GoliaGrip, we offer a new type of vinyl cutter featuring interchangeable blades for safe cutting during wrapping. The extra-light anodized aluminum handle can accommodate various cutting blades. Safety is paramount with the GoliaGrip, as it includes two plastic blades and the WrapDefender cutting head with a scalpel blade to prevent damage to rubber seals on window frames, among other things, during cutting.




A minimal distance between the film and the substrate is crucial for this cutting method. Therefore, it works exceptionally well in narrow gaps, such as those found on vehicles, windows, and furniture.

Safe cutting with plastic blades: The GoliaGrip Cut comes with two special plastic blades, which are also available for reorder in packs of five. Blade replacement takes only a few seconds, ensuring you always have the right tool for the task at hand.

Blade #1, with its rounded shape, is particularly useful for cuts between a window frame and seal. Its narrow, tapered design fits snugly between the seal and the window pane or frame, enabling precise cuts. This variant is recommended for fine cuts, such as those required for foiled window frames, vehicle door seals, or furniture with glass panels.

Blade #2 features a straight cutting edge and a slightly wider shape, allowing it to center itself better in beads and crevices. This blade is suitable for piercing the film at any position to initiate the cut, making it ideal for gap cuts on various doors and car body joints.

If necessary, both blades can be sharpened using the GoliaGrinder grindstone, available separately. This process can even revive heavily worn blades. The GoliaGrinder features both a fine and a rough grinding surface.

Safety first: Prevent damage with the plastic nose: The GoliaGrip WrapDefender is equipped with the unique safety cutting head of the WrapDefender, featuring a scalpel blade. A plastic nose in front of the blade tip prevents it from penetrating too deeply, ensuring that film can be cut safely in joints and gaps without harming underlying seals or painted surfaces. This concept has been endorsed by car-wrappers worldwide since the launch of the WrapDefender.

If you already own a WrapDefender, consider trying the GoliaGrip Cut. The aluminum handle provides optimal handling for the WrapDefender Head, and the two plastic blades are readily available thanks to the simple blade change.

Note: Using the GoliaGrip blades with the WrapDefender handle is not recommended.

Product features:

  • Vinyl cutter knife with interchangeable blades made of special plastic
  • Safe cuts without damaging seals or paintwork
  • Quick and easy blade change
  • Hard anodized aluminum handle
  • WrapDefender cutting head with a scalpel blade (GoliaGrip WrapDefender)
  • Includes two plastic blades (GoliaGrip Cut)
  • Plastic blades are available separately in packs of five each
  • Safe storage in a plastic quiver

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