WrapStick SLOAN Peekaboo

WrapStick SLOAN Peekaboo


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WrapSticks by Yellotools - Squeegee pins for professional CarWrapper

The WrapStick Sloan was designed by our dear friend and customer Jonny Sloan from "Art in Motion" in Northern Ireland. Jonny uses the paddle-shaped tool end of the WrapStick to lift rubber seals.

The other end slides the film gently under the raised rubber. The easiest way is to use two WrapSticks directly. Or you try the Stick idea of ​​his colleague Carson because the two are an ideal combination.

With the extremely hard version of the transparent peekaboo, even foil under the gasket can be cut on request without damaging the lacquer.

  • Peekaboo (Hardness approx. 89 Shore D / Hard)


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