YelloCut CERA

YelloCut CERA


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Curious for new stuff - that’s what pushes us forward!
New techniques, new procedures, innovations and lateral thinking – “that’s what we do”. In this context, we more and more encounter ceramic break-off blades. Since we have already had positive experiences with ceramic blades in our deburring tools series for many years, we also had a try in ceramic break-off blades and wanted to know: “Are they appropriate for signmakers?”

We looked for an adequate blade/knife combination for you and sent it to professional car wrappers and signmakers all over the world. The answers of the experts from Japan, the USA and especially from Germany are pretty clear: YES – absolutely!

According to the professionals, the blades are
• 10 times more durable than their “steel brothers”
•  safer to handle since the risk of injury is lower
• extremely sharp, which reduces the necessary contact pressure (ingenious to notch vinyl without damaging the substrate)
• easy to break off
• better for reflective vinyl than the regular blades
• better in handling through more cutting sensation
• perfect for "overlapping cuts” due to the better sharpness of the blades

Of course, there are also drawbacks: the blades are comparatively thicker than steel blades. Slit cuts become somewhat less accurate than the conventional variants.
Other positive features (these facts are not relevant for sign making but definitely worth mentioning)
• non-conductive
• non-magnetic
• chemically inert
• non-sparking
• heat resistant up to 1600° C (2912° F)
• oil-free

Suitable replacement blades are available in the SpareBlades CERA

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