YelloLip Cutter


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YelloLip cutter

Vinyl cutter squeegee insert for the YelloTwin Base

Roger and Tonny both independently suggested that our popular BodyGuardKnife cutting knife be installed in a squeegee. If they had to work on a scaffolding or a ladder, they no longer wanted to either get one or the other out of their pockets or even "park" in their mouth and asked for a "hybrid version".

Our solution is a BodyGuardKnife cutting shoe as an insert for our popular YelloTwin . Here you can insert the knife insert into the YelloTwin base and equip it with any YelloTwin Lip, e.g. YelloTwin Lip Gold or YelloTwin Lip Orange , on the other side. The choice of the right squeegee lip is up to you. A welcome glue aid for all hardcore advertising technicians in tough use.

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